About Jane

"After eight years heading up and running the highly successful Riverford Field Kitchen, the restaurant of Riverford Organics,  I felt that the time was right for me to go it alone."


Never more at home then when she is in the kitchen, Jane Baxter, the highly acclaimed chef says, "cooking is what I do", and for those of us that have been fortunate enough to have eaten anything she has prepared will know that fresh, local and seasonal is only part of the story.

Part of the magic stems from her ability to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Her style has undoubtedly been  influenced by her  years of travelling and cooking across the southern hemisphere which brings an innovative use of flavour combined with classic techniques, perfected  whilst training under some of  the countries most celebrated chefs. 

Her passion for  food started when she  was very young, but she did not know that food would become the focus of her life until after she had finished university. Her career started under legendary chef  George Perry Smith, at his waterside restaurant in Helford, and went on to include working at The Carved Angel for Joyce Molyneux before heading up to London to spend several years working with Rose Gray  at the River cafe.


"Joyce  remains my inspiration, she really was ahead of her time." 

Aside from cooking Jane has won awards for her books. Her first book, the highly useful Riverford  Farm Cook Book, co-written with Guy Watson of Riverford, won two highly prized awards. Much respected, Jane is also a regular foodie contributor to many of the UK's  leading broadsheets.

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